Archbishop Chaput Visits St. Raphaela Center

The Archbishop makes his first visit to the Center by celebrating the Eucharist during the Handmaids' Intermediate Meeting

In a gesture of friendship, Archbishop Charles Chaput recently came to the Center to celebrate the Eucharist during the Handmaids’ Intermediate Meeting. It was the first time that the archbishop has visited us, and we were struck by his affability and desire to learn who we are and what we are about. He spoke of his interest in consecrated life, both as pastor and as a member of the Capuchins.

He proposed that as we renew ourselves in our charism, we attend to the potential new structures called for in the New Evangelization to which the whole church sees herself called.  We Handmaids were able to find immediate echo in the Archbishop's focus. In addition to being a concern of the Intermediate Meeting itself, our ACJ Family international assembly, held over the summer, gave attention precisely to the importance of examining structures in terms of the New Evangelization.

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