The Eucharist and Social Justice

The Eucharist and Social Justice, written by Margaret Scott, acj, convincingly makes the argument that the Eucharist is deeply political and potentially subversive. It explores some of the many different aspects of the inseparable relationship between Eucharist and social justice. Making ample use of the Eucharistic texts, which are pregnant with meaning and which embrace a whole host of social issues around poverty and injustice, the book teases out their wider implications. It also rediscovers the dimension that God intended for the Eucharist: To be the life of the world.

Margaret Scott, acj, at a book signing eventMargaret Scott, acj, is a member of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She has held leadership positions in her own congregation and in religious life at both national and international levels. Widely traveled in Asia, Europe and South America, she has a global view and an experienced insight into the universal Church and the international community. She is a former director of St. Raphaela Center and is currently the superior of a Handmaid community in Bournemouth, England.

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