Canceled - Centering Prayer Group

Date: May 28, 2018 - 10:30am to 12:00pm



One way to open the door on this journey is through the practice of Centering Prayer and joining with other companions along the way.  It is a surrendering to God, pure and simple, a practice of letting go of thoughts as they arise.

The primary aim is giving consent to the presence and activity of God in one's life.  God acts within us doing more than we can even ask or imagine if we let and trust God.

If your desire is, above all else, the presence and friendship of God, then come and join our Centering Prayer Groups.

Centering Prayer is being offered every week to deepen and expand the Contemplative Spirit of St. Raphaela Center.

Come to one session or as many as possible:
Every Monday beginning January 8 and ending May 28, 2018.  Click on the date to register.
Cost: Donation
Facilitator: Sr. Sagrario Nunez, ACJ and Facilitators of the Centering Prayer Group

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