The Enneagram: Ego and Transcendence

Date: April 18 - 4:00pm to April 19 - 4:00pm


What role have I played in broken relationships I still don't fully understand?
Why do so many forms of prayer leave me cold? 
Am I held captive by fear, shame, anger? Stuck in my head, in my feelings, in my need for control?
This dynamic and entertaining workshop -- open to beginners and experts, alike -- will draw on both personality psychology and Christian spirituality in order to explore such questions through the lens of the Enneagram. The Enneagram -- a map of nine fundamentally different ways of being human and their respective paths to transcendence -- will teach us how our best gifts can sabotage us, how the disowned parts of our personality can liberate us, and how grasping the precise shape of our ego can lead to a more empathic understanding of our friends, our enemies, and our intimate companions.
Date: April 18 - 19, 2020

Time: Starting at 4:00pm

Registration: Please click HERE to register online, or call St. Raphaela Center at 610.642.5715. 

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