Weekend Conference Retreat

Date: June 14 - 4:00pm to June 16 - 1:00pm

“A Pentecost People”


“Do not let your hearts be troubled”

                                                                                            (John 14: 27)


 At the center of our Christian faith is the Resurrection. It is an encounter with Jesus who promised not to leave us orphans. We long for God to dwell within us and among us – and the Resurrection represents a new way that God will continue His on-going presence among us. An important element of the Resurrection is the fulfillment of the out-pouring of the Spirit – bestowing on us important gifts for our mission, certainly, but also establishing the Christian community as the Spirit-filled “Body of Christ.”

In this retreat we will seek that gentle presence of the Spirit, both in the silence of our personal prayer, as well as in the gathering our retreat community.

Date: June 14 to 16, 2019

Time: Starting at 4:00pm

Cost: $200 - $240 (depending on room choice)

Registration: Please register online HERE or call St. Raphaela Center at 610-642-5715 no later than June 7, 2019

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