Yearning and Hope

As we look and listen to the world around us, darkness at times can be the most “visible” presence.  Our earth cries out, our migrating sisters and brothers cry out, families cry out: will something turn?  To what hope do we cling?  Yet even when the answers are not yet explicit, the questions themselves reveal a yearning for something different, and where there is yearning, there is hope.  Hope is a faithful seed within us that trusts that God remains involved.  It is not wishful thinking, but moves us to act, for if God remains involved, then so must I…and so must we.  

This Advent, may we hear our questions and listen to our yearnings, and even ask them questions: What is the source of hope motiving this yearning?  We may find ourselves pleading for his full coming: “O come, o come, Emmanuel…God with us.”    


St. Raphaela Center welcomes both Individuals and Groups looking for a time of retreat. We also offer scheduled Programs, including a variety of retreats and events organized by our Center staff around different thematic and spiritually-guided formats.

For Individuals

  • Personal Days of Prayer: Choose from one of our scheduled dates or arrange for your own.
  • Overnight Retreats & Other Programs: Choose from one of our scheduled programs or make arrangements for your own private retreat.
  • Spiritual Direction: Share your journey with a trained director, either on an ongoing basis or during a retreat stay.

For Groups

We host groups of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds. The following offerings are available for groups coming to the Center:

  • Partial-day, full-day, or overnight stay
  • Use of facilities and staff services
  • Collaboration of a staff member to help plan and facilitate a retreat

Scheduled Programs

We are adding new programs all the time! Some of our regular programs include:

Check back often to see all of our upcoming events, and register before space runs out!

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